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Hardwood Flooring

The elegance of a home is enhanced by the beauty of its floors. Among types of floors, hardwood never goes out of style. Have you ever been inside one of the houses/ mansions in Ilocos Sur such as the Syquia Mansion? How about the Casa Manila in Intramuros? They have used hardwood floors which lasted […]

Noise Pollution

Noise or unwanted sounds from constructions sites (drilling, bulldozing), factories, train tracks and stations, airport, road traffic (cars honking) and even you and your neighbor’s home appliances such as vacuums, power tools and lawn mowers contributes to noise pollution. Noise pollution is already considered as environmental pollution because of its long term effect to people. […]

Lighting with Energy Efficiency

Aside from air conditioning, home lighting is one source of electricity expense. Insufficient light at home can affect your health as it can cause headache and eyestrain. Then there is also the chance of getting an accident such as falling, tripping or slipping if lighting is insufficient. A few decades ago, traditional incandescent bulbs is […]

Eco Building Design

As our world becomes more technologically advanced, the people become more innovative in finding ways to revamp traditional ways of doing things. And the construction industry is no late bloomer. Nowadays, construction trends focuses on building ‘eco-friendly’ houses.   Eco-friendly houses addresses issues such as cost-effectiveness, sustainability and energy efficiency. However, some developers have upped the […]