Eco Building Design

As our world becomes more technologically advanced, the people become more innovative in finding ways to revamp traditional ways of doing things. And the construction industry is no late bloomer.

Nowadays, construction trends focuses on building ‘eco-friendly’ houses.   Eco-friendly houses addresses issues such as cost-effectiveness, sustainability and energy efficiency. However, some developers have upped the game a little higher by incorporating advanced technologies.

For example, modern design nowadays calls for app-controlled fixtures and appliances. So if you’ve hurriedly left your place with all the lights on, there’s no need to go back. Simply log-in on the app using your mobile device (mobile phones, pc, or laptop) and turn them off. Some apps even allows you to manage your bills and see how much energy you’ve already consumed!

The type of materials to be used in construction also plays a major role in addressing cost-effectiveness as well addressing energy efficiency in the long term. For example, in colder countries where heat at home is very important on sustainability, several developers found ways focus on constructing air-tight or well insulated walls. The principle works by incorporating modern design (those neat and sleek, cord-free home spaces you can find on magazines) to capture air-flow in the building to provide good ventilation. Using high quality but cost effective air-tight materials, the heat is trapped longer in rooms thus the need for central heating system is no longer required.  Some walls can even filter particulates helping your home free from pollution as well as dampness that causes molds.

Speaking of pollution, in an attempt to make cities ‘more green’ to reduced urban carbon footprints, buildings are now utilizing rooftops by adding ‘living insulation’. This works by planting greeneries such us herbs and grass or any sun-loving plants at rooftops instead of simply leaving the concrete slabs vacant. The plants helps absorb the heat on summer making homes cooler while providing heat during colder times.

Aside from app-controlled room, air-tight walls and living insulations, what tops the list on construction innovation is the incorporation of solar panels at homes and buildings. Energy ‘harvested’ from the solar panels helps people save tons of electricity bills by utilizing the sun to power up lightings and fixtures as well as appliances. And there’s no coal burned to contribute on high carbon footprint!

So if you are planning to buy a new home, perhaps you should consider choosing a developer who specialize not only on the aesthetics, but is also thoughtful on home owners and the environment. Might as well invest in homes that offers high-quality materials and incorporates renewable energy because in the long run, such homes are cheaper to maintain.

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