Hardwood Flooring

The elegance of a home is enhanced by the beauty of its floors. Among types of floors, hardwood never goes out of style.

Have you ever been inside one of the houses/ mansions in Ilocos Sur such as the Syquia Mansion? How about the Casa Manila in Intramuros? They have used hardwood floors which lasted more than a couple of decades already and as the floors are well well-maintained, they still shine as if brand new.

Casa Manila in Intramuros (see pictured above)

There are plethora of hardwood to choose from depending on size, color and shade and grain.  When choosing hardwood to use, consult your designer or contractor as they would consider the style (strip, plank and parquet) and the cut (depending on the wood grade and saw cut).

In the Philippines, there are imported and locally sourced hardwood. The imported ones are mapple, cherry and oak, but the Filipino favorites which are getting rare (and expensive) are Narra, Mahogany and Molave. Some of these hardwoods even last for a century as they can withstand the normal wear and tear.

In the long run, hardwood are cheaper and more economical because it lasts long. The impact on the environment is less as replacing them is not frequent. Some wood trading company in the Philippines even team up with controlling bodies for responsible logging.

It is also safer in terms of maintaining cleanliness at home compared to using carpets. Unlike using carpets where germs and dust could get stuck even after using vacuum, hardwood flooring can be cleaned easily and is low maintenance. What’s good about it is that, if properly maintained and well-polished, hardwood gets more and more beautiful in the long time.








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