How To Make A Low-Carbon City

Copenhagen will affect the fate of the world, 192 heads of state will determine the next round of issues including global emissions reduction agreement. Kyoto Protocol is the ministerial participation. Copenhagen is the head of state to participate in.

Carbon reduction Earth. Power is not enough. Need to be done energizer (additional generation). Or save energy (less electricity).


Where the use of building’s Electricity ?

DATA FROM TAIWAN ,Bureau of energy , ministry of economic affairs tricity.pdf



Why do we need to use air conditioning?

Because solar radiation heats the buildings.

Let us know What the situation is.

As shown




50{0d55789d3eaa21984671073872013da9309f7ed5ab3f06af051be3ed6612dce8} heat is come from the windows to the building?

Window function:

1.Vision Lighting

2.Air convection

*If houses without windows


Better lighting = More heat ?

How to cut off the heat source and to keep vision, lighting it?

Nano technology good lighting also good insulation

Look at the solar spectrum

Infrared accounted for 54{0d55789d3eaa21984671073872013da9309f7ed5ab3f06af051be3ed6612dce8},UV 3{0d55789d3eaa21984671073872013da9309f7ed5ab3f06af051be3ed6612dce8} ,total of 57{0d55789d3eaa21984671073872013da9309f7ed5ab3f06af051be3ed6612dce8}  If can be reduced 90{0d55789d3eaa21984671073872013da9309f7ed5ab3f06af051be3ed6612dce8}, then carry out half of the heat

How do you think?

         Before installation                                                   

Harm full Radiation  and UV rays can  potentially harm the residents and cut good visible lighting .









After Installing Energy Saving Film                                                                    

1.Will drastically  reduce UV andSolar Radiation

2.And increasesafe and goodDay light(Visible light)



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