Lance Rodriguez

Architect Lance M. Rodriguez, a graduate of B.S. Architecture from The University of Santo Tomas in March 2005, and has acquired his licence as an Architect in January 2007 and is an active member of the United Architects of the Philippines and the Integrated and Accredited Professional Organization of Architects.

Arch. Lance started his apprenticeship at OCB+Associates, Architects as a Project Coordinator to Project-In-Charge for the first two years. He finished projects with scope of works ranging from residential, commercial, office buildings and interior design projects. And also, He became Construction Manager for a couple of projects and Senior Project Architect of the same company.

During the five (5) years of employment at OCB+Associates, Architects, Lance has acquired skills both in design and technical fields of the profession. And after leaving the company last November 2010, he has been designing residential projects for some close clients that he acquired during the past years.

Spent eight (8) years as a partner with Arch. Manuel Deguzman Jr., at an Architectural Design firm named Manuel+Lance Architectural Design Studio

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