William Pardue

William Pardue has a long construction history dating back to 1989 in Portland, Oregon.  He has assisted in design and construction of several high profile projects ranging from Sport Stadiums (SafeCo Field, Moda Center, and Lambeau Field expansion), Medical Universities (OHSU, Mt. Zion Cancer Research, Hutchinson Cancer Research, and several other hospitals), prisons, high rise construction (office and residential), and high end custom homes.

Mr. Pardue served on the LEEDS development commission for the World Bank starting in 1996 and has consulted in implementation throughout the world.  He is known for fast track scheduling design and performance.  Beginning in 1997 he setup the first American – Chinese joint venture for prefabricated construction products and setup manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, Vancouver, BC, and Portland Oregon.  He has consulted with clients such as Coca-Cola and Adidas for fast track construction on their expo buildings during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

He has served on many committees but not limited to the NW China Council, City of Portland Seismic Upgrade Committee, LEEDS, Portland Executives Association (Construction Chair), Portland – Suzhou sister city, and several others.  Throughout his career he has developed skills in water and moisture control for exterior cladding.   He enjoys working with people and passing along knowledge on how to design and implement unique architectural designs


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