What is Qi Film?

Qi Film energy saving film is using Nano-Ceramics coating technology. It can block Infrared and UV rays, let the sunlight enter in the same time. Best for buildings window who cares for Natural Light and energy saving for comfort environment.

  • Decrease heat
  • Energy savings
  • Transparent
  • Increase safety
  • Reduce fading & health risks

  • Set up experiment machine
  • Installation of thermocouple
  • Turn on the experiment machine and start test
  • Turn off the experiment machine when test finished
  • Data collating
  • Uninstall the experiment equipment
Energy Saving
Make more Energy



Before Installation

Harm full Radiation and UV rays can potentially harm the residents and cut good visible lighting.

Transmittance / Wavelength

After Installing Energy Saving Film

  1. Will drastically reduce UV and Solar Radiation
  2. And increase safe and good Day light (Visible light)

Transmittance / Wavelength

Good lighting, No need turn on lights
during the day
Good insulation, Reduce air-conditioning
cost and save electricity
Infrared transmittance
General Solar Films VS Energy-saving film

Testing of Energy Saving Film

at Kun Shan University has shown a reduction
of more than 30{0d55789d3eaa21984671073872013da9309f7ed5ab3f06af051be3ed6612dce8} in Electricity consumption.

Optical comparator
Ultra Violet

Reduce carbon emissions and
Save our Environment for future

Every 1 kWh of electricity
saved,We can reduce 0.636 kg of
Harmful carbon dioxide emissions

Every Tree Planted will take
5  years to Decrease 12 Kg
Co2 Emission

“Energy Film” installed will
decrease more than
2 Tons of Co2 Emissions
within one hour

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