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Simulated Stone

Our water based multi color granite coating has been applied on projects around the world. We have had success in emulating actual stone at a fraction of the cost and time required of real stone products. We give the designer great flexibility in creating designs that can adapt to the building concept to increase a wide range of flexibility. Tech Stone can adhere to concrete, metal or wood substrates allowing a vast range of applications available. Take a look at some of our sample projects and contact us about a consultation for your upcoming project.
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  • Building Facade
  • Granite coating exterior wall
  • Various style of beam and column. Example: Roman column
  • Suitable for a variety of surfaces and bases. Examples: cement base, metal plates such as aluminum wood,tile and glass etc.

Product Structure

  • Clear Sealer
  • Stone Pattern
  • Base Coat
  • Stone Primer
  • Original Substrate/base
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Granite Tiles Philippines

Process Requirements

Applicable Surface Requirement

  • Flatness allow ± 3mm
  • Less than 10 pH
  • Water content < 10{0d55789d3eaa21984671073872013da9309f7ed5ab3f06af051be3ed6612dce8}
  • Intensity/Strength ≥ 5 kgf/cm²

Construction under low temperature environment avoid film-formation resulting in crack

Environment Requirements

  • Temperature: 5 to 40 degree Celsius
  • Humanity < 85{0d55789d3eaa21984671073872013da9309f7ed5ab3f06af051be3ed6612dce8}
  • Wind < 5 m/s
  • Avoid construction under situations:
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Frost
  • Fog
  • Windy: over 5 m/s

Tech Stone Primer

  • Apply with spray or roller
  • Amount use: 0.08-0.12 kg per m2
  • Allow 10-15{0d55789d3eaa21984671073872013da9309f7ed5ab3f06af051be3ed6612dce8} water content
  • Minimum of 3 hours drying after application

Tech Stone Base Coat

L series:

  • Apply with spray or roller
  • Consumption: 0.15-0.25 kg per m2
  • Allow minimum of 12 hours drying after application

V series:

  • Apply with lacquer used spray or roller
  • Consumption: 0.8-1.5 kg per m2
  • Allow minimum of 24 hours drying after application

Tech Stone Pattern

self clean

Clear Sealant


  • Apply with spray gun or roller
  • Consumption: 0.08-0.15 kg per m 2
  • Allow minimum of 12 hours drying after application


  • Apply with spray gun or roller
  • Consumption: 0.08-0.15 kg per m2
  • 10{0d55789d3eaa21984671073872013da9309f7ed5ab3f06af051be3ed6612dce8} of water content
  • Well-stir before application
  • Allow minimum of 12 hours drying after application

Aging resistance comparison bar chart

The average standard aging resistance time length is 250 hours, which is equivalent to 3 years of use.

Crack Resistant

  • Applicable on variously architectural design with least limitation which is suitable for numerous surfaces of different materials.
  • Contain over 80{0d55789d3eaa21984671073872013da9309f7ed5ab3f06af051be3ed6612dce8} of nature highly elastic materials giving it the ability to cover tiny cracking on the walls.

Anti-cracking testing result

348{0d55789d3eaa21984671073872013da9309f7ed5ab3f06af051be3ed6612dce8} extendibility: 1mm material can be extended to 3.48mm maximum.

Stain Resistant

Expressively stain and water resistant that prevent water or rain from permeating into matrix to avoid the growth of fungi, alga and efflorescence

Project History


About Tech Stone

Tech Stone

  • Professional studies for multi colors of water EVA coating products of synthetic granite

  • Factory is in Hai’an Nantong

  • We are the leader than others whatever skill or project cases

Tech Stone

Our History

2012 Veneer Stone: Latest invented product, Veneer Stone, developed.

2011 Research laboratory was established at Shanghai

2010 ChengTu, ChungQing, Beijing : Offices located in ChengTu, ChungQing, Beijing, etc.


2008 Tech Stone is a water based synthetic granite.


2005 First multicolor coating granite laboratory was set up in Shanghai, China.

2004 Founded in China in 2003


Our philosophy

  • Synthetic granite style

  • New architectural aesthetics & Gorgeous new coating

  • Concentration = Professional

  • Leader brand in Water EVA & Multicolor coating industry

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